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VERMES Microdispensing presents its modular, highly flexible MDS 3280 Micro DispensingSystem for optimum adaptation to media and thus highest dispensing quality

The MDS 3280 offers a host of advanced features that enhance dispensing performance and provide significant
benefits to the user.
The contact-free, precise media allocation allows fastest cycle times. Fluidic part uncoupled from the valve drive
reduces maintenance costs.
The MDS 3280 is characterized by its new valve design ensuring highest performance, cost-effective productivity
and excellent dispensing results with uniform and reproducible droplets. It is suitable for the exact application of a
wide range of media, such as SMT adhesives, silver conductive adhesives, LED phosphors, underfill materials,
as well as silicones, conductive glue or solder pastes and hot melts.
The ability to dispense droplets of less than 150 μm in diameter on the substrate with exceptional consistency
and repeatability and shortest cycle times simultaneously improves throughput and reduces production costs.
The VERMES Piezojet valve MDV 3280 is equipped with a setting technology called "Top Adjust" and allows a
quick and comfortable configuration and perfect and free pairing of nozzle insert and tappet. Parameter settings
can be quickly and easily changed during operation. This allows the system to rapidly adjust to changing
conditions such as variations in material viscosity, modifications of dispensing patterns and the application of
different dispensing quantities.
The innovative connector technology which uncouples the fluidic part - named VERMES "Bayonet Fluid Box
Body" - from the actual valve body, ensures flexible coupling between these two parts. This allows easy handling
and quick cleaning since the screw-less Fluid Box Body can be removed from the valve drive with one-click.
This new, unique design makes the media supply rotatable and the very compact and lightweight valve can be
perfectly adapted to a variety of tasks including the desired dispensing direction. It enables fast and seamless
integration into the most inaccessible or confined spaces. When implementing complex applications, this saves
valuable time and reduces set-up costs within fully automated microdispensing production processes. The tappet
can be changed while the valve remains in its operating position, avoiding difficult part replacement and critical
service outages.
The nozzle heater is integrated in the Fluid Box Body and keeps it constantly at optimum temperature without
taking up much space. Due to the continuous temperature control and the control of the material pressure, the
dispensing quality remains absolutely constant until the cartridge / container has been emptied.

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