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ViscoTec Visco has won the EM Asia Innovation Award and the SMT China VA Vision Award

ViscoTec Visco has won the EM Asia Innovation Award and the SMT China VA Vision Award

On April 25, 2019, the award ceremony for the 14th EM Asia Innovation Awards was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center during NEPCON China.

The awards were designed to recognize those from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. Products, materials, software and equipment related to electronics manufacturing and contributing to the development and innovation of electronic manufacturing in Asia during the year. ViscoTec is on the awards stage with its “100% Metal Free RD-EC Dispenser Series Dispensing Pump”.

It is also gratifying that "SMT China Surface Mount Technology" also unveiled the results of the 13th SMT China VA Vision Awards during NEPCON China. ViscoTec's "100% Metal-Free RD-EC Series Dispensing" The pump is also

RD-EC dispensing pump

This award-winning product, the 100% metal-free RD-EC series of dispensing pumps, features a special polymer pump and sealed chamber and a special rotor and stator construction. The rotor does not contain any metal material. Handles many metal-sensitive materials such as acetic acid, anaerobic adhesives, ionic liquids, and sulfur and chloride in electrolytes. The RD-EC series of dispensing pumps have solved the problem of the transportation of many metal-sensitive special materials with the innovation of materials and structure, and thus won the 14th EM Asia Innovation Award and the 13th SMT China VA Vision Award.

With the continuous development and innovation of the electronics manufacturing industry, more and more materials are involved in the manufacturing process. Many of the materials cannot be in contact with the metal, otherwise chemical reactions will occur and affect performance. Therefore, how to accurately and quantitatively transport these materials during the manufacturing process becomes critical. There are many application scenarios for this kind of special materials. For example, the manufacture of power batteries for new energy vehicle applications requires the use of many special materials. Almost every electronic product uses adhesives in the production process. It involves the transport of many metal-sensitive adhesives. ViscoTec's 100% metal-free RD-EC series of dispensing pumps escort metal-sensitive materials!

Focus on achievement professionalism and excellence
In the selection of the EM Asia Innovation Award and the SMT China VA Vision Award, the RD-EC series of dispensing pumps can stand out from the numerous candidates, from ViscoTec Viveco for more than 20 years in precision material metering and Focus on the field of transmission. With more than 20 years of focus, ViscoTec has established an expert position in the field of precision material metering and transmission, and is particularly good at materials that are difficult to handle (such as high viscosity materials, rough materials and materials with solid particles). Accurate quantitative delivery.

Being able to do a good job in the development of more than 20 years, this itself contains a strong core competitiveness. On the one hand, this kind of competitiveness comes from the continuous improvement and innovation in the business field, which is hard power; on the other hand, from this kind of concentration and persistence, the admirable spirit of the craftsman is soft power.

With its own hard power and soft power, ViscoTec has won a good reputation in the industry while winning more and more customers. ViscoTec is committed to providing each customer with the most precise and reliable material handling solution, as a reliable partner for customers, so that customers can “buy at ease and use peace of mind”.

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